Swimming can be tough. The daily struggle brings unexpected issues time and time again, so here are some simple tricks to help you out.

Torn fins?

It’s true! Duct tape can be used for anything, including broken fins. Although it’s only a temporary fix, it will give you additional time to go shopping for new fins.

Bothered by a sallying teammate?

Sallying, also known as jasoning, is when a swimmer holds back on a set until the last one. All you need to do is convince them the set is longer than it really is.

Water bottle getting hot?

Put the container under the block, in the shade. Although the air temperature is the same, the lessened solar radiation keeps the container cooler for longer.

Hungry during practice?

Here is a simple fix: bring smoothies in a bottle! Just try not the throw them up…

Pool getting hot?

Ice ice baby. In your cap or in your suit, anything goes when you’re sweating buckets, especially here in Florida.

Pool freezing cold?

Sprinting warm up will literally warm you up. An added bonus is becoming fairly good at cold turkeying (racing without warming up).

Tough to wake up for practice?

Morning practices are very early and not many sports do doubles. Having a schedule and sticking to it daily is useful and recommended. However, student athletes rarely do this. Instead, set the alarm sound to your favorite song… ten times all one minute apart. Also, turn on the lights. Stumbling around in the dark while running into things is not fun.

Constantly sore?

Cold showers! They squeeze the lactic acid out of your muscles and help with recovery. It is like an ice bath, but more practical.

Losing count during sets?

Use those math skills and watch the clock while you swim. The minute hand can useful, too.

Warm up lane extra crowded?

Try butterfly with paddles. Just don’t injure other swimmers…

No hairdryer at the pool?

After a morning practice, swimmers need to rush to school, but not all facilities have hairdryers. Hand dryers will do the trick.

By Xander Gardner