Meet the EDGE. A fitness tracker designed with all swimmers in mind. Providing everything from basic analytics like heart rate, distance, pace, and calories, to advanced measurements like detecting your stroke, providing feedback on what to fix, and a database of thousands of professionally written workouts to train smarter.

We are Phlex, the team behind the EDGE. We have been immersed in the swimming world for as long as we can remember, and credit the sport with playing a huge role in shaping whom we are today. For the past two years we have dedicated all of our time to developing a swimming tracker that would change the way we train. We wanted to enable everyone to take their performance to the next level. Whether that is qualifying for your next big competition, or taking your fitness to the next level, our goal is to help you experience improvement!

The EDGE is the first product by Phlex, built into the vision of improving the sport of swimming with technology. Our campaign will now launch on Indiegogo on February 22, in exactly one week from today!

For now, visit the link above and submit your email to join an exclusive list to buy the EDGE at almost 40% discount before anybody else.

Check it out, leave us a comment, and let us know if you are as HYPE as we are!

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Written by Ryan Rosenbaum