Ah, New Years.

While everybody has spent the last few weeks stuffing their faces with pies, cakes, and leftovers, that nagging voice staring in the bathroom mirror has started speaking louder. Well, it is time to tackle those new years fitness goals with a new product that has just recently come to market, the Phlex EDGE.

Scientists have swimming as a consensus ‘best exercise to do,’ simply for the reasons that it provides a full-body workout that is low impact on your body and efficient with your time. While we are all well aware of the fact that swimming is a good workout, we often don’t reach for goggles when thinking of tackling new years goals; until now.

Meet, the EDGE.

EDGE and the Phlex Swim App

The EDGE is a premium swimming fitness tracker featuring heart rate feedback, stroke analysis, and professional workout planning in a seamless, goggle worn design.

Simply put, the EDGE was built by a team of swimmers from the University of Florida who were fed up with the lack of technology in the swimming world. They wanted things like automated workout detection, stroke technique, and heart rate to train with. As they looked at other sports like running and cycling, they noticed the exponential increase in performance since these technologies were introduced. And yet, swimming was still in the doldrums.

The EDGE is a tiny tracker that is worn on your goggle straps. Any goggle straps to be exact.

Once the EDGE is secure on your goggles, all you have to do is swim. It will automatically analyze your performance with over 30 metrics, then log it in an in-app digital logbook provided alongside a professional workout database.

All this to say, the EDGE is the ultimate swimming tracker that swimmers can have today. It is the top of the line technology for the modern swimmer, whether you are competitive or recreational.

To celebrate the new year and beginning the quest towards accomplishing your resolution goals, Phlex is offering all of our readers $25 off the EDGE applied at checkout. Let the EDGE help you through your toughest goals and come out on top.

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