Earlier today this email went out… big news! And our best wishes go to Chuck for a successful treatment.

Dear USA Swimming Members,

Earlier today I met with USA Swimming staff members and informed them that I will be retiring from my role as Executive Director of USA Swimming and CEO of the USA Swimming Foundation. Simultaneously, Jim Sheehan, Chair of the USA Swimming Board of Directors informed all Board members of this same news. A full press release on the announcement may be found here.

My retirement will be effective at the end of August, and I will be available thereafter to assist as needed in the leadership transition.

I am retiring with regret because I love USA Swimming and I have always approached my role with enthusiasm and passion. Unfortunately, because of my health, it is increasingly difficult to do the job in the manner that I believe it needs to be done.

My cancer has metastasized to the point at which it is very difficult to travel, and international travel is impossible. I also anticipate going back onto chemotherapy in the near future and the side effects of the drug I’ll be taking are likely to impact my daily quality of life, and thus my ability to work and lead effectively.

I am extremely grateful to all of the volunteer leaders under whom I’ve served. I have been treated with enormous compassion by these people.

I am also indebted to every person who has served in any staff role over the past 20 years. It has been an honor and a privilege to walk through the doors every day at USA Swimming with these individuals and work in service to our athletes, coaches, officials and others who comprise the membership of our wonderful organization.

I believe with all my heart that USA Swimming’s best years are ahead. I am confident that the work we have done these past two decades has established a firm foundation upon which future growth can occur.

Chuck Wielgus