USA Swimming has officially announced the locations for the four Futures Championships, which will take place from August 2 through August 5 of next Summer.

All three Florida LSCs (Florida Swimming, Florida Gold Coast, and Southeastern Swimming) will be assigned to the Futures meet in Cary, NC, at the Triangle Aquatic Center.

Here is the list of locations throughout the country and the assigned LSCs:

Richmond, VA:

Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Lake Erie, Allegheny Mountain, Maryland, Potomac Valley, Middle Atlantic, New Jersey, Metropolitan, Niagara, Adirondack, Connecticut, New England, Maine

Cary, NC:

Florida Gold Coast, Florida, Southeastern, Mississippi, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan

Rochester, MN:

North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Border, South Texas, West Texas, North Texas, Gulf, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri Valley, Ozark, Midwestern, Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota

Santa Clara, CA:

Pacific Northwest, Inland Empire, Montana, Oregon, Snake River, Sierra Nevada, Utah, Pacific, Central California, Southern California, San Diego-Imperial, Arizona, Alaska, Hawiian

Written by Ryan Gibbons