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Going into the Championships

The Gators are entering into their championship season with a great amount of success in the 2012-2013 campaign. The Southeastern Conference Championship on February 19-23 should be an outstanding indicator of how they match up with some really outstanding teams. With the pickup of Corey Main from New Zealand and five returning All-Americans, the Gators are ready to go on the men’s side. The Lady Gators have 9 All-Americans returning and are currently ranked number 1 by Endless Pools / CollegeSwimming.com Top 25.

Returning All-Americans  on the men’s side are Marcin Cieslak (2012 Olympian), Rodion Davelaar (2012 Olympian), Brad deBorde and Connor Signorin  which should provide great leadership, along with another Olympian, Sebastian Rousseau.

The women look to be very powerful going into the Southeastern Conference Championships.  Returning All-Americans  and swimmers to watch include Elizabeth Beisel, Jamie Bohunicky, Kaitlin Frehling, Nastasha Fung, Hilda Luthersdottir, Alicia Mathieu, Sinead Russell (2012 Olympian), Connie Showalter, diving newcomer Kalia Warner and Ellese Zalewski. Be sure to tune in to see if the girls can defend their number 1 ranking in the nation.

Swimmers to Watch

  • Pawel Werner
  • Brad deBorde
  • Sebastien Rousseau
  • Connor Signorin
  • Jason Taylor
  • Arthur Frayler
  • Corey Main
  • Matt Elliott
  • Eduardo Solaeche
  • Natalie Hinds
  • Ellese Zalewski
  • Jamie Bohunicky
  • Sinead Russell
  • Elizabeth Beisel
  • Hilda Luthersdottir

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