The Balancing Act: Five Tips for High School Season
photo – Michael Lyn

The Balancing Act: Five Tips for High School Season


by Pine Crest Swimmer, Dani Gómez

It’s the end of July and it’s championship time. Swimmers everywhere in Florida are tapering, racing, struggling to put on the newest tech suits and fighting against intense weather, whether it be lightning and thunder or heat. We can’t wait to race our final race, get yet another medal or best time, and finally take our well deserved break before diving back into the pool for the upcoming season. After the insanity of championships and racing dies down, it’s easier to see high school season looming in the near future. So here are five tips to start high school season on a good note.

1. TALK TO YOUR COACH. Constant communication with your coach(es) is key to a good season. Knowing what events you will swim, what training strategy you will apply, and what your goals should be are all very important. However, simply being able to tell your coach how you’ve been feeling in the water, or your concerns about technique, or simply that you’re very excited for the season help both you and your coach(es) to find the best way possible to approach high school season.

2. BE PREPARED. It’s good to start off the school year and swim season well. Do research, meet with your coach(es), finish your summer work, and make sure nothing is left for the last minute so the season starts with as little hassle as possible. There are going to be times when we mess things up and have to pull all-nighters but those times can happen later in the year, when we’ve already figured things out somewhat.

3. BE POSITIVE. Yes, I know the summer is ending and all that, but once the initial disappointment wears off, think about the good things that come with the school year starting: a new season, being with your friends, and starting over. Positivity affects the way you swim and train. I know everyone says it, but isn’t that substantial proof that it’s true?

4. SET SOME GOALS. It’s a perfect time to revisit the goals from last season and adjust them for the upcoming one. Then, every week, write a small goal on a flashcard and try to see it through. For instance, you can write “don’t breathe in and out turns in freestyle” and the whole week, work on achieving that goal. Sharing these goals with your coach is also a great way for you to be on the same page with him/her. Another great idea is to keep a swimming journal, and write how you feel in the water, how you feel mentally, and what you do in practice and at school. Journaling is an amazing way to pinpoint what worked and what didn’t work out when you reach the end of the season.

5. SLEEP. It’s the one thing we want during the school year and the thing we never seem to get. Say goodbye to in-between-practice-naps. Homework every night, projects, tests, and exams all take plenty of time out of our lives. Appreciate the rest of the summer while it lasts and indulge in a long nap every now and then. It can’t hurt you.

“Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. What do we do? We swim.” ~Dory, Finding Nemo



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