Allan Jones Intercollegiate Aquatic Center - Tennessee Aquatics Invite Provides Last Tune Up Before Olympic Trials
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Tennessee Aquatics Invite Provides Last Tune Up Before Olympic Trials


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Knoxville, TN—The Tennessee Aquatics Invite will provide the last tune up for Olympic Trials for many Florida athletes including pros, collegiate, and high level athletes. The three day prelim/final meet will be held Allan Jones Intercollegiate Aquatic Center, in Knoxville.

Teams from Gator Swim Club (GSC), Area Tallahassee Aquatic Club (ATAC) and South Florida Aquatic Club (SoFlo) will join the event, along with athletes who train at these clubs, but swim for their home clubs.  As the Olympic level athletes conduct their final tune up, there will be different levels of athletes competing.  It is a full age group meet, so athletes training for summer championships meets are testing themselves early in the season.

Some of the participating athletes are Elizabeth Beisel, Caeleb Dressel, Megan Romano, Natalie Hinds, Alia Atkinson, Lisa Blackburn, Taylor Katz, Claire Donahue, Stephanie Holmes, Morgan Ayers, Olivia Kercheval-Roig, Michael Duderstadt, Sabastien Rousseau, Ryan Capote, John Yambor-Maul, Charlie Gallagher, Alejandro Zambrano, Cole Forbes, Hilda Luthersdottir, Hannah Burns, Natalie Hinds, Ashley Neidigh, Autumn Finke, Alyssa Yambor-Maul, True Sweetser and Ben Lawless.

Stayed tuned right here on Florida Swim Network for Results, heat sheets and adjusted timelines this weekend.

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