Pace Clock - Swimnerd to Revolutionize Swim Practice via Mobile Application, Digital Pace Clocks

Swimnerd to Revolutionize Swim Practice via Mobile Application, Digital Pace Clocks


August 4, 2016—Swimnerd, a Virginia Beach based start-up, is reinventing how swim practice is planned and executed, from both a hardware and software perspective. Swimnerd enables users to write, run, save, and analyze their swim practices. Users can set goal times, follow their progression through training, and share swim practices within their social network. Swimnerd is ideal for swimmers of all ages and levels including triathletes, Master swimmers, and folks that simply swim as their favorite method of exercise.

Swimnerd has announced they will be launching a Kickstarter campaign beginning August 8, 2016 to fund the manufacturing of the digital, programmable pace clock and the remaining development for their mobile application, “Swim Practice”.

Coaches will be able to connect their mobile app, via Bluetooth, to swimnerd’s digital pace clock making it the easiest, most intuitive way to program and execute a swim practice. Don’t know where you are in the middle of a big set? No worries, just look at your phone. Need to change an interval in the middle of workout? No sweat, simply adjust intervals inside the app. Coaches that take attendance will flood completed practices into their own swimmers’ app, making it effortless for both parties to keep track.

The dimmable, 12” LED’s allow for easy visibility outside and in, while the rugged, waterproof case protects the pace clock in the harshest of conditions. With better data and information comes better planning and execution. “Swimnerd is advancing and contributing to the growth of the sport by innovating swimming’s most important training tool: the pace clock. We look forward to a longtime relationship built on interdependence.” – Doug Fonder, President, International Swim Coaches Association.

Dissatisfied with outdated technology, swimnerd is ready to be the innovative catalyst that moves the sport of swimming into the digital age. Swimnerd makes swim training easier, more affordable, and less of a privilege.

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