SwimmerJoe’s New Product Line

#IntroductionToSorrow  #PainToleranceKit  #FeelingSorryForYourself

by SwimmerJoe

We here at the SwimmerJoe Store have been working hard developing a brand new self-help product line that is sure to be the very best group in your stable of goodies!

The latest products are #IntroductionToSorrow #PainToleranceKit  and #FeelingSorryForYourself.  Sounds interesting, huh?

We enjoy giving the 98.5% of the “not-so-sure of their mental capabilities” athletes the goods to help develop their largest and most powerful engine – their mental strength and the visualization of themselves.

[Gulp.  I am on a Gummi bear sugar buzz.]

Poor babies. You are struggling to make a set because you don’t want to get out of your comfort zone. You feel a little tingle in your muscles and your sad beating heart rate is too high.

Our product will help you immensely and keep you coming back for more every time you compete, train or think.

What is it?  THE FEAR of those items happening, mentioned earlier, will help you get through your sorrow. Also your the ability to have some HEART. Do you actually have any?

Again, you poor scoundrels. The amazing athletes that increase their “non-injury” pain tolerance are always the best.  Get out of your comfortable bed and try hurting a little.  I mean really hurting! Do you give absolutely everything you have? Doubt it. The higher your tolerance, the better you can train, the harder you can push yourself, the better you will be – Period!  AND, the sweeter the reward will happen.

This super SwimmerJoe product will absolutely help you!

What is it?  LOSING.  Losing will help you think back to your training or lack of.  Did you go through hell and back in your training? Did you workout every day?  I think not!  Did you do extra?  Nope. Also your HEART; do you really actually have any?  Come on!

Hello again, sad little kittens.  Feeling sorry for yourself is a big problem. Toughen up, geez!  Deal with your frustrations, your athletic problems, your sad stories and deal with them.  Eliminate sadness, and thinking you are inferior in any shape or fashion and decide to become tough. End of story – just get rid of it.

This product is brought back from the 90s. Coincidently this was a number 1 seller.

What is it?  GODZILLA VISION.  You thinking that every looks great and in shape, or your competitors are bigger, smarter, a better trainer, whatever – pure hogwash!  Get rid of this “horrible vision” and this “thought” in your head.  Your competitors are not Godzilla! Quit feeling sorry for yourself and start working for yourself. Oh yea, and always live with HEART in whatever you do.

Now change your way of doing things – use the SwimmerJoe products from SwimmerJoe Store and use them often.

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SwimmerJoe is Joe Auer, an award winning blogger, writes at SwimmerJoe.com, for Florida Swim Network, and for the International Swim Coaches Association at swimISCA.com.