Gemma Spofforth and Kaitlin Frehling Take on the Topic of Suicide Prevention

Raising Awareness: Suicide Prevention

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Suicide is the third leading cause of death in young adults and the swim community is not immune. Florida Swimming tragically lost two teenage swimmers in recent months, and when former UF swimmers Kaitlin Frehling and Gemma Spofforth heard about their deaths, they reached out to Florida Swim Network, wanting to make a difference.

We are proud to present Kaitlin and Gemma’s extremely relevant and thoughtful documentary which starts the discussion on what parents, teammates and coaches can do to help prevent suicide. Stylishly filmed by Kaitlin, the video explores what struggles student athletes face and has in-depth interviews with club coach Bryan Welter, college and Olympic coach Gregg Troy, crisis center director Ali Martinez, as well as with Gemma herself, who reflects on her own struggles despite her success as an Olympian and world record holder.

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In addition to the video above, we’ve created a downloadable ebook guide and poster to further your team’s education.

Team Viewing of the Video

Perhaps gather your team for a joint viewing and send this video to your swim team parents. Thank you spreading word about this important topic.