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Q and A with Mark CorleyQ and A with Mark Corley, head coach of the Loggerhead Aquatic Club in Jacksonville, FL

A Sara DiPaolo Questionaire

Pick One:

  1. Nachos or wings?
  2. Tea or coffee?
  3. Dogs or cats? Toss up…never owned either one
  4. Country or rock?
  5. Spring or Fall?
  6. Read or watch tv? (but depends how tired I am!)
  7. Ski or wakeboard?
  8. Shoes or barefoot?
  9. Florida or Florida State? Neither!
  10. Beach or mountains?
  11. Sing or dance? (can’t do either well!)
  12. Kick or pull?
  13. Snakes or gators?
  14. Run or cycle? Tough one…I’m a triathlete.
  15. Horse racing or Nascar?
  16. Baseball or football?
  17. Burgers or dogs?
  18. What’s your middle name? Allen
  19. How many siblings? One Brother
  20. Favorite pizza topping? Everything (House Special) (but not anchovies)
  21. If you could be a professional anything, what would it be? Triathlete
  22. Favorite non-swimming sport to watch? Triathlon
  23. Favorite band? Rolling Stones
  24. If you weren’t coaching swimming, you would be…? Working in some aquatic related field
  25.  Play any other sports growing up?  Now? Did: football, wrestling, ran track and all while swimming. HS forward just swimming thru college. Currently doing Triathlons.
  26. Favorite restaurant? Ruth’s Chris
  27. Favorite thing to do when you aren’t coaching? (eat/sleep don’t count) Riding my bike (not a motorcycle)
  28. Dumbest thing you did as a kid?  One summer I broke the same window 3 different times (it was repaired between) with a ball. Luckily it was our house.
  29. Ever play a musical instrument, and, which one? Tried Guitar and drums, but I wasn’t musically inclined.
  30. Dream vehicle? Porsche 918
  31. Favorite avenger/super hero? Superman
  32. All-time best 50 free time? 22.xx (?)  (I was not a sprinter!)
  33. Favorite holiday? Christmas
  34. Ever jump off the ten meter? Yes (and higher!)
  35. Ever fall in the pool while coaching? Yes, fixing flags at a practice, line broke…and I went in!
  36. Favorite ice cream? Chocolate with chocolate syrup
  37. My swimmers would be surprised to know that I…? Florida is the 6th state I have lived in.


Sara DiPaolo is a former competitive swimmer/water polo player and high school swim coach, a current competitive age-group triathlete, and a parent of one high school swimmer and one about to get shoved out of the boat to swim in college. You can reach her at

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