Available August 14 for $299 USD, PHLEX’ swim tracker brings cutting edge analytics to the swimming world

LOS ANGELES, CA (August 1st, 2019) – Today, swimming technology company PHLEX has officially launched the EDGE, a head based swim tracker that brings the world’s best real-time heart rate monitor and artificial intelligence powered workout analysis, to a device that fits any goggle. Developed over the past 3 years by former collegiate and professional swimmers, the EDGE provides cutting edge swimming and heart rate tracking with a seamless design. Created in collaboration with countless swimmers and engineers from all across the community, including 24 Olympic athletes and coaches holding 89 medals combined, the EDGE was designed for ALL swimmers.

EDGE Launch Commercial

As a leading recreational, fitness and competitive sport around the world, the PHLEX team found the technology available to swimmers as glaringly behind the times. While sports like running and cycling have seen a decade long boom in progress, swimming has seen little in the way of innovation. The driving force behind this being that existing wearables are bulky, obtrusive and ill-conceived for use by swimmers. In-fact, most fitness trackers on the market today lack any dedicated ability to reliably track simple metrics like distance and laps, let alone entire workout breakdowns as shown in the Phlex Swim app. The EDGE breaks this mold and brings a monumental leap forward in the technology available to the swimming community.

“Growing up in Poland and then coming to train in the U.S. under a legendary Olympic coach, I came to notice this lack of technology and analytics that swimming had,” said PHLEX co-founder, NCAA champion and 2012 Olympian Marcin Cieslak. “The idea for PHLEX came from a frustration that nobody out there was addressing these concerns, what we realized was that no one had an idea that these concerns even existed. So, we took it into our own hands and developed the EDGE. We began with the vision of bringing modern embedded systems hardware and advanced machine learning to the sport, all within an unobtrusive and simple design built for everyone that shares our love of the sport.”

The PHLEX EDGE seamlessly combines three critical pieces of technology to the sport:

  1. Heart Rate for swimmers. Accurate heart rate data has remained elusive for swimmers. The Phlex EDGE utilizes an independently validated heart rate sensor, ultrasonically welded to the body of the device, to finally bring reliable heart rate data to swimming.
  2. Artificial intelligence powered tracking. Phlex has worked with hundreds of swimmers over thousands of hours of data collection to bring a truly swimmer focused machine learning algorithm to the EDGE. While others struggle with counting laps, the EDGE algorithms enable it to detect stroke type, rates, and entire workouts.
  3. Hydrodynamic and universal-fit design. Phlex worked tirelessly to make the EDGE fit goggles from all major swim brands, all while maintaining a hydrodynamic design for use in water. The team utilized modern prototyping tools such as 3D printing to test and validate designs in real-time as design work was ongoing. This removes the need for watches, specialized goggles or chest straps that aren’t well designed for swimming.

Launching alongside the PHLEX EDGE is the Phlex Swim App for iPhone® and AndroidTM. Utilizing the newest Bluetooth low energy standards, the Edge can sync workout data with the app and receive continuing firmware updates for the life of the product. Swimmers begin by syncing the EDGE to review their workout, and afterwards can at any time review their entire training history in the digital logbook. This brings a new level of engagement to swimming where you can leave notes on workouts, adjust your training based on reliable historical data, and swim with the confidence of knowing the quality of work you’ve done. The Phlex Swim App also allows swimmers to set goals and find their next workout from a database of hundreds of professionally written workouts tailored to all skill levels.

“It’s crazy to think that this little device has the kind of sophisticated technology that new cars and smartphones have.” said PHLEX ambassador and Olympic Gold Medalist Cody Miller. “It’s more than just a heart rate tracker…it’s using advanced artificial intelligence to help swimmers. It has given me the confidence I need to perform during championship season.”

The founding team launched Phlex after competing collegiately at the University of Florida. Once word got out about the development of the EDGE, some of the world’s most renowned Olympic and World Championship coaches and swimmers joined Phlex to further the development and become a part of the ambassador team. As it stands, Phlex is represented by 24 Olympic athletes and coaches with a combined 89 International medals.

To turn the idea into reality, Phlex assembled a team of highly talented mechanical, electrical and software engineers with elite level swimming backgrounds to develop the machine learning algorithms, novel design, and industry-leading manufacturing processes to bring the EDGE to market.

The EDGE is officially launching in 38 countries August 14th from PHLEX (www.phlexswim.com). It is priced at $299 USD. The Phlex Swim App will be available on August 14th as a free download from the App Store and Google PlayTM.

About Phlex

Founded in 2015 in Gainesville, Florida, Phlex is a swimming technology company consisting of swimmers with a wide variety of swimming experience. Marcin Cieslak is a 2012 Polish Olympian, NCAA and SEC Champion. Harrison Gibson is an SEC team champion, level 2 ASCA certified USA Swimming Coach, and current USMS swimmer. Ryan Rosenbaum is a USMS National Record Holder, Triathlete and Open Water Swimmer. Luke Torres is an SEC team Champion, Triathlete, and child learn to swim instructor. This vast experience in the sport lead to the founders starting Phlex with the mission of bringing innovative technology to the sport of swimming. With first hand experience, Phlex was crafted to innovate on existing problems and combine these solutions into a singular intuitive device that doesn’t limit a swimmer based on their skill level. The Phlex Team is built out with experienced electrical, mechanical, and software engineers that all possess a swimming background and the urge to innovate the sport with industry leading technological improvements.