Swimmers in Palm Beach County had their first championship meet of the season on Saturday, October 6th . The prelim-finals meet was hosted by John I. Leonard and Park Vista at the Lake Lytal Aquatic Center in West Palm Beach. Most swimmers see this meet as a chance to race against friends and club teammates that they wouldn’t normally swim against during the State Series, leading to lots of chatter, cheering, and competition. With ten meet records and dozens of personal bests, this county championship was certainly one to remember.

Girls Individual Performances:

Seniors Jennifer Secrest from Oxbridge Academy and Chade Nersicio from Trinity Christian dominated all of their races, resulting in both being named Most Outstanding Female Swimmer of the meet. Secrest won the 200 IM and the 100 butterfly, breaking both county records in the process. She swam 2:01.23 and 54.81, respectively. Nersicio swept both sprint freestyle events, going 22.89 in the 50 and 50.34 in the 100. She reset her meet and county record in the 50 freestyle from the previous year. Nersicio also anchored both of Trinity Christian’s freestyle relays, which both broke meet records.

Nicole Gomez, a junior from Trinity Christian, took gold in the 200 free, swimming a 1:49.05. She was also a member of Trinity Christian’s record-breaking relays.

Senior Shayna Fetes from Saint Andrew’s broke the 100 breaststroke meet record with a 1:03.43. Fetes was also a member of Saint Andrew’s medley relay team, who broke their own meet record in a 1:46.33.

Forest Hill sophomores Anna Auld and Megan Murphy  broke records in their respective events as well. After placing third in the 200 free with a 1:52.20, Auld won the 500 in a 4:50.95, breaking the year-old county record. Murphy had a similar meet, placing third in the 50 with a 23.80. She then went on to win the 100 backstroke in a 55.09; a new meet record.

Boys Individual Performances:

For the boys, Saint Andrew’s Joshua Balbi received the Most Outstanding Swimmer Award. After winning the 100 butterfly in a 50.12, Balbi broke the 100 backstroke record with a 50.16. Balbi was a member of Saint Andrew’s 200 medley and 400 freestyle relays, which both won gold.

Freshman Joshua Zuchowski from King’s Academy also broke the 100 backstroke record, but came in second to Balbi with a 50.18. Zuchowski won the 200 IM earlier in the meet, swimming 1:54.00 and out-touching the rest of the field by over 3 seconds. Pace Edwards, a sophomore from King’s, won the 500 free in a 4:44.96.

Varis Monroe, a sophomore from Jupiter, dominated both of his events. Monroe won the 200 free with a 1:43.71 and the 100 free in a 48.06. Teammate Caleb Petranchuk, another sophomore, won the 50 free in a speedy 21.12, and then took bronze in the 100 fly with a 52.60. Although the boys were a bit off of their respective records, they still have a few  more years of high school swimming to get their names up on the board.

Girl’s Results:

200 Medley Relay: Saint Andrew’s, 1:46.33; Forest Hill, 1:49.71; Jupiter, 1:51.63

200 Freestyle: Gomez (Trinity Christian), 1:49.05; Emily Trieschmann (Saint Andrew’s), 1:49.87; Auld (Forest Hill), 1:52.20

200 Individual Medley: Secrest (Oxbridge), 2:01.23; Eriana Temperino (Trinity Christian), 2:04.65; Fetes (Saint Andrew’s), 2:05.93

50 Freestyle: Nersicio (Trinity Christian), 22.89; Heidi Smithwick (Jupiter), 24.07; Murphy (Forest Hill), 23.80

100 Butterfly: Secrest (Oxbridge), 54.81; Madison Cummings (Atlantic), 55.34; Temperino (Trinity Christian), 55.76

100 Freestyle: Nersicio (Trinity Christian), 50.34; Aspen Gersper (Saint Andrew’s), 51.53; Nalma Dessout (Trinity Christian), 53.60

500 Freestyle: Auld (Forest Hill), 4:50.95; Trieschmann (Saint Andrew’s), 4:52.20; Gomez, (Trinity Christian), 4:52.42

200 Freestyle Relay: Trinity Christian, 1:34.97; Saint Andrew’s, 1:36.73; Forest Hill, 1:42.38

100 Backstroke: Murphy (Forest Hill), 55.09; Cummings (Atlantic), 56.98; Gersper (Saint Andrew’s), 57.29

100 Breaststroke: Fetes (Saint Andrew’s), 1:03.43; Smithwick (Jupiter), 1:04.69; Lucy Miller (Saint Andrew’s), 1:06.18

400 Freestyle Relay: Trinity Christian, 3:28.11; Saint Andrew’s, 3:29.01; Jupiter, 3:36.78

Boy’s Results:

200 Medley Relay: Saint Andrew’s, 1:37.82; Jupiter, 1:40.02; King’s Academy, 1:40.98

200 Freestyle: Monroe (Jupiter), 1:43.71; John Hollowell (Saint Andrew’s), 1:43.93; Ted Ho (Park Vista),1:44.46

200 Individual Medley: Zuchowski (King’s), 1:54.00; Ethan Roach (Spanish River), 1:57.08; Nicolas Gallego (Jupiter), 2:00.33

50 Freestyle: Petranchuk (Jupiter), 21.43; Ryan Nordheim (Saint Andrew’s), Michael Fernandez (West Boca), 21.91

100 Butterfly: Balbi (Saint Andrew’s), 50.12; Ho (Park Vista), 51.38; Petranchuk (Jupiter), 52.60

100 Freestyle: Monroe (Jupiter), 48.06; Nordheim (Saint Andrew’s), 48.38; Benjamin Wang (Suncoast), 48.88

500 Freestyle: Edwards (King’s Academy), 4:44.96; Cameron Taddonio (Boca Raton), 4:45.11; Gallego (Jupiter), 4:49.28

200 Freestyle Relay: Saint Andrew’s, 1:27.79; Suncoast, 1:33.03; Park Vista, 1:33.79

100 Backstroke: Balbi (Saint Andrew’s), 50.16; Zuchowski (King’s Academy), 50.18; Hollowell (Saint Andrew’s), 53.20

100 Breaststroke: Fernandez (West Boca), 58.69; Will Jason (Boca Raton), 1:00.53; Bora Hurst (King’s Academy), 1:03.69

400 Freestyle Relay: Saint Andrew’s, 3:09.67; Jupiter, 3:16.37; King’s Academy, 3:20.97

Team Scores:

Girl’s: Saint Andrew’s, 379; Jupiter, 315.5; Trinity Christian, 313

Boys: Saint Andrew’s, 353.5; Jupiter, 280; Boca Raton, 241

Combined: Saint Andrew’s, 732.5; Jupiter, 595.5; Boca Raton, 431

By Erika Wesch