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Numerous Records Fall at Lucky’s Open Water 1000 Meter Swim

A pack of age group swimmers along with triathletes and masters swimmers met this morning at Lucky’s “Lake Swim” in Orlando for a huge day of breaking records.

For two and a half decades, Dr. “Lucky” Meisenheimer, a Masters swimmer and longtime advocate of the swim community, has held a morning swim in the lake at his private residence. Lucky has been gracious enough to invite the world to join him, drawing the biggest crowds on Saturday mornings. In fact, this year is historic for the daily swim.  On May 9, the Orange County Society will be there to recognize it and recognize it as a Central Florida Historic Event after being around for 25 years! Wow!

A small group from Patriot Aquatics and Blue Dolfins swimmers showed up to kick off their long course season. They started off by swimming three round trips of the lake swim (to the other side and back for a distance of 1000 meters per trip). To make it more challenging, the coaches added in 25 pushups in between each trip!  Overall, the athletes loved the opportunity to take their eyes off the black line on the bottom of the pool for a a while. In the meantime, the group decided to go for time on the last round, round number 4, and try to break some records. Lucky's Lake Swim Florida Swim Network

How do you break a record at Lucky’s?

Starting at the edge of his dock, swimming straight and as fast as possible, touch the far dock first piling and speed back, touching the home dock corner piling.  At all times being watch by the nostalgic Coney Island 25 cent binoculars.

So after the initial 3000 meters already swum, these young swimmers dove in for their fourth trip all in attempt to set a new “world record” at Lucky’s Lake Swim.

Here is what happened – These are new records.

11 / 12  Age Group

Taylor Floyd – 15:03
Conall Crossan – 15:25

13 / 14  Age Group

Jessica Harris – 13:53

15 / 16  Age Group

Madison Murtagh – 13:36

17 / 18  Age Group

Isabella Spalding – 14:10
Nick De La Osa – 12:44

Lucky Meisenheimer Florida Swim Network
Lucky Meisenheimer speaks to the crowd

Want to break a record? No matter how old you are? Join the group May 9th for the 25 year gigantic historic celebration and either get an individual record or a group record for the most swimmers ever at the Lucky’s Lake Swim.  Need the website?

Lucky promises to have a few Olympians at the event to sign autographs and enjoy the event.

Congrats to these swimmers and Florida Swim Network will see you on May 9th.



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