You know when you’ve been wearing your absolute favorite practice suit for just a little bit too long? You walk out onto the pool deck and hold your mesh bag just behind your butt because you’re pretty sure everyone can see it? Yeah, that’s how we felt with our old look. Founded over six years ago, Florida Swim Network has seen an entire quadrennial cycle of swimming. That dates all the way back to when the name ‘Caeleb Dressel’ wasn’t a universal swimming term for ‘incomprehensibly fast’.

With that said, we decided to put a new coat of paint on the site. All your favorite content, just in a much prettier package. Think of it as upgrading from that raggedy old practice suit, to a brand new $600 racing suit. We do need to mention… it’s not just a new website, it’s an entirely new look! Say hello to our fresh new logo!

A special thanks to everybody who has shown an interest, and contributed to the re-design. We are continually looking to grow our brand, and are currently looking for ambassadors to join the FSN team to help us cover the sport from wherever you are. If you’re interested, contact us through our social media platforms- Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Or, email us at

New website, check! New logo, check! We have a lot of really cool things in store, so stay tuned!

Special mention: Our new FSN writing team have been doing an incredible job with keeping us updated on the collegiate swimming season, as well as providing us with some very entertaining articles! Thank you- Peter Brukx, Jesse Hagy, Emily McCullough, Charlotte Anderson, Sofia Arriaga, Quinn Cassidy, Ashley Schrader, Brady Estrada, and Taylor Thompson.

 As we continue to work out some of the kinks with our new look, feel free to contact us at to report any problems you may be experiencing.