Movie Night for Touch the Wall

Movie Night for Touch the Wall

June 2—It was a beautiful night at the Blue Dolfins movie night with the “Touch the Wall” documentary.  The entire team showed up with their chairs and grub at the Oviedo Swim Complex to watch this epic documentary of the struggle of Missy Franklin and Kara Lynn Joyce as they prepare for the 2012 Olympic Games.

Touch the Wall is the story of two amazing women and their their journey to swimming’s highest stage – the 2012 London Olympics. The young phenom (Missy Franklin) is just beginning her career and is saddled with mile-high expectations; the veteran (Kara Lynn Joyce) is trying to rediscover the juice that took her the previous two Olympics.  Touch the Wall is a story of winning and losing, of commitment, and triumph through adversity. It’s also a story of family, of loving what you do, and having fun with the people around you. In a world starved for heroes, Missy and Kara stand tall in Touch the Wall. (


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