We all know that swimming is so much more than just a sport, and Laps for Life is no
exception to that charge. A swim-a-thon held from September, 2018 through the end of December, 2018, Laps for Life strives to raise awareness and funding for suicide prevention and pediatric cancer research. Here’s what you need to know about this organization and its powerful impact on the Florida swimming community and beyond

Photo Courtesy: Jody Sanders and Payton Titus

Vance Lives:

Vance Sanders was a very accomplished and beloved Florida swimmer who ended his
life in January of 2015 at the age of 15. His family now strives to raise awareness of mental
health and suicide prevention. Vance Lives is non-profit organization dedicated to raising
awareness for suicide prevention and mental health.

Pediatric Cancer Research:

Payton Titus is a member of the Florida swimming community who was diagnosed with
Stage 2 Intermediate Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in December of 2017. As a survivor, she is now an advocate for pediatric oncology research and funding. Titus’ encourages athletes to participate in Laps for Life to raise money for the Katie Amato Foundation. KAF works to fund safe and innovative pediatric cancer research.

These amazing people with two touching stories have come together to better the lives
of those in and outside of the Florida Swimming community. To contribute to both incredible causes, participants may collect donations or receive pledges per lap that they swim in the swim-a-thon. Although this is the first Laps for Life swim-a-thon, the goal is to raise enough funds so that the event can be held annually. However, donations are accepted at all times. For more information and to contribute to Laps for Life, please visit the swim-a-thon’s TeamUnify website. Feel free to contact Jody Sanders at Jodysanders96@live.com or Titus at petitus25@gmail.com with any additional inquiries.

We are so honored to have such a beneficial and proactive event a part of our Florida
Swimming community and we encourage all to help out in any way possible.

By Hanna Barton