High School Swimming: Panhandle Quad Meet Results

High School Swimming: Panhandle Meet Results

Panama City, FL, September 11, 2015—Mosley and Arnold High Schools co-hosted their first regular formatted meet of the 2015 season. Beautiful night for a meet in the panhandle topped off with some terrific natural fireworks out in the distance. Although far way, the show was incredible!

After a close battle on the girls side, here are the final team scores. Note that the boys 400 Free Relay did not get scored. It was not completed due to lightning.

Although we are being told by parents this was a dual meet, scores were sent to us combined:

High School Swimming: Panhandle Quad Meet Results


  1. Mosley  442
  2. Gulf Breeze  430
  3. Arnold   386
  4. Choctaw  293


  1. Mosley  433
  2. Arnold  416
  3. Gulf Breeze  395.5
  4. Choctaw  234.5



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