University of Miami diver Briadam Herrera collected a 1-meter national title at the Greensboro Aquatic Center to highlight the opening day of the 2017 USA Diving Winter National Championships.

Herrera, the reigning ACC Men’s Diver of the Year, amassed a cumulative score of 755.00 in the men’s 1-meter field

“It feels good to be back on 1-meter,” Herrera said. “I was training for the grand prix in Australia and only training 3-meter, so I wasn’t doing much 1-meter. Feels great to be back on 1-meter.”

The  Hurricane left no doubt he would finish atop the podium, winning the event by 66.80 points over Texas’ Grayson Campbell, who forged silver with 688.20 points. Fellow Longhorn Jordan Windle took bronze with 661.90.

Herrera did not miss a dive in the final, scoring at least 61.20 points on each of his six dives, including a forward 3½ somersault pike worth 69.30 points in round three. He came into the final as the top seed.

Herrera was not the only Hurricane to compete in the finals Thursday. Senior Wally Layland took sixth in the women’s 1-metre with a score of 453.80.

The 2017 USA Diving Winter National Championships continue through Tuesday, December 19 in Greensboro, N.C. at the Greensboro Aquatic Center. Thursday’s events include the men’s 3-meter preliminary, women’s 10-meter preliminary, men’s 3-meter semifinal and women’s 10-meter semifinal. Competition begins at 10:00 a.m. EST with the men’s 3-meter preliminary.

Day 1 Final Results

Men’s 1-meter Final 1. Briadam Herrera (University of Miami), 755.00;2. Grayson Campbell (The University of Texas), 688.20;3. Jordan Windle (The University of Texas), 661.90;4. Gregory Duncan (North Carolina Diving), 658.80;5. Dashiell Enos (University of Southern California), 621.50;6. Joshua Davidson (Unattached), 606.15;7. Jacob Cornish (The University of Texas), 574.50;8. Mory Gould (Unattached), 566.25;9. Bradley Christensen (Unattached), 294.10;10. Nathaniel Hernandez (Unattached), 291.40;11. Dominic Giordano (Pitt Aquatic Club), 289.90;12. Lyle Yost (American Flyers Diving), 285.60;13. Noah Vigran (RipFest), 281.60;14. Andrew Gawin-Parigini (YCF Diving Team), 275.15;15. Cameron Thatcher (Unattached), 270.25;16. Jacob Fielding (Trojan Dive Club), 262.95;17. David Hoffer (Unattached), 250.40;18. Sean Burston (North Carolina Diving), 249.10;19. William Brenner (Unattached), 243.85;20. Reed Merritt (The University of Texas), 227.85;

Women’s 1-meter Final 1. Meme Sharp (Unattached), 476.75;2. Alison Gibson (The University of Texas), 470.75;3. Daria Lenz (SoCal Divers), 463.80;4. Hailey Hernandez (GC Diving), 463.05;5. Maria Lohman (North Carolina Diving), 456.80;6. Wallace Layland (University of Miami), 453.80;7. Carolina Sculti (Marlins Diving Club), 448.00;8. Meghan O’Brien (The University of Texas), 412.05;9. Anne Fowler (Alexandria Dive Club), 221.40;10. Brooke Schultz (Unattached), 218.70;11. Elissa Dawson (North Carolina Diving), 216.70;12. Nikki Canale (Club Wolverine Diving), 214.25;13. Emma Roush (Unattached), 211.90;14. Maria Coburn (Longhorn Aquatics), 206.15;15. Mayson Richards (GC Diving), 198.60;16. Madeline McKernan (Unattached), 192.45;17. Emily Grund (GC Diving), 179.00;17. Sofia Rauzi (The University of Texas), 179.00

Courtesy of Camron Andrew Ghorbi