Aly Pacitti and Quinn Connor
Quinn Connor and Aly Pacitti – photo/JimmyParmenter

Good Teams are Built on Strong Traditions


By SwimmerJoe

Many teams out there have many strong traditions that keep the swim family bond strong, keep the winning ways going, and often give the younger athletes something to look up to. The Bolles School has their great cheers, many state high school wins. The Sarasota Sharks have their iconic yellow team shirts, rich 50+ year history with a huge team. And even the old school teams in the 70’s and 80’s used to do “night before” food parties and candle-light self confidence rituals .

Plantation Swim Team (PST) has their own rich tradition: the pass of the PST National Team Jacket.

Tonight, Loyola University-bound Aly Pacitti will pass on the trophied “PST National Team Jacket” to high school junior Quinn Connor in a ceremony during practice.

“The PST tradition began over 10 years ago by college-bound Ileana Lucos who passed this jacket to Jessie Randolph. Later college-bound Jessie passed the jacket to Aly Pacitti. Now, Aly has kept the tradition going by passing the Jacket onto High School Jr. Quinn Connor,” explains long time coach Plantation coach Jimmy Parmenter.

The great thing as a coach is that he gets to see new leadership that Quinn has, and also watch who will develops into a leader for future years to come.

Good tradition, way to go Plantation!


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