A weekly round up of all the swim news we can find – listen now!

April 2015

FSN Weekly Round Up

Some of the items mentioned this week:

NASA Meet:

  • NAG’s and Florida Swimming Records
  • Zoe Skirbol, Gabriela Pierbohn-Mays, Joshua Zuchowski, Colton Frantz, EAJ, Southwest Stars, and more
  • And why is Dolfin Swimwear spelled with an F?


  • Pigot, Bastian, Martin, Azura, and more
  • Michael Lyn and Sharon Robb

Florida Swim News:

  • YNats
  • Recent college commits
  • Stephanie Donley
  • TBAY (And Joe doesn’t know about Silver Medal Clubs!)

Out of Florida News:

  • Michael Phelps
  • Roy Burch

Personal News:

  • Chris Anderson’s Nuptials
  • Bolles raising money for Relay for Life
  • Makos Aquatics cleaning up their community

Recent Blog Posts:

  • The Bobcat and the shark
  • Negativity
  • 6 stages of quitting swimming