2015 Florida All Stars Wins Dual

Florida Swimming Sweeps Florida Gold Coast In Dual Meet

By Sharon Robb

March 29, 2015—Florida Swimming continued its dominance over Florida Gold Coast in the annual All-Star Dual Meet at Indian River State College held in Fort Pierce this past weekend.

Defending champion Florida Swimming swept the combined, girls and boys team titles.

Florida Swimming won the combined, 810-510; the girls, 424-212; and the boys, 350-286.

Buoyed by depth and talent, Florida Swimming won the majority of individual events and nearly every relay in all three sessions.

After a rainy warm-up session on Friday night, Florida Swimming led from the opening day and built on its lead in every session.

Among Florida Swimming’s champions were Lucas Kravchenko, 14; Talia Bates, 14; Jason Brzozowski, 12; Hayden Kwan, 12; Isabella Marsala, 13; Sydney Kang, 10; Christopher Dieffenthaller, 12; and Olivia McMurray, 12.

Florida Gold Coast and their shirt relays
Florida Gold Coast and their shirt relays

The Team Florida coaching staff included head coach Ryan Gober; assistant head coaches John Hodgdon and Chelsea Fourakre; team manager Erin Crabtree; 10-and-under girls, Morgan Zweygardt; 10-and-under boys, Mike Hermes; 11-12 girls, Cory Kephart; 11-12 boys Nikki Hinojosa; 13-14 girls, John Hulvey and 13-14 boys, Crystal Tavares.

The Florida Gold Coast staff was Richard Garza, Julie Smiddy; 10-and-under girls Norman Abril; 10-and-under boys Bianca Muniz; 11-12 girls Cathy Silveira; 11-12 boys, Jonathan Zuchowski; 13-14 girls Marcelo Gatti and 13-14 boys Greg Stallworth.


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