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3 Things To Do After The Season Ends

When your suit is hanging up and your goggles are buried deep in your bag, what are your next thoughts after a championship season has...
FGC Junior Olympics - photo/Michael Lyn

The Four Types of Coaches On A Pool Deck

We all love our coaches, even though sometimes it may seem like they are trying to kill us. Here are four types of coaches...

Collegiate Swimming Breakdown

Every year, swimmers who are looking to compete at a college level and apply for a scholarship ask a familiar question: Should I search...

The Real Reason Swimming Helps You Burn Fat (And Where that Fat Goes)

Where Does Your Fat Go? By now just about everybody knows the secret to burning fat is exercise and swimming is one of the best...

4 Lessons Caitlyn Can Teach Our Swimmers

This post was written by Bess Auer for our Parenting section. With the recent barrage of news articles, TV features, tweets, headlines, and blog posts, the world is abuzz...

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