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Ryan Lochte Crashes!

Six-time Olympian Ryan Lochte and fellow Gator swimmer Marco Loughran crashed on a scooter yesterday. Marco is hospitalized and Lochte banged up a knee....

“2012 Olympic Hopefuls”

A new series coming this fall from Florida Swim Network. We're following young hopefuls from Florida all the way to the Olympic Trials. Check out...

Video Game Phelps?

Promo for Push the Limit. Kind of cool! Compiled from ALL505GAMES.

FINA World Champs Promo

Check out the FINA World Championships Promo for this July in Shanghai. Fun! Compiled from FINA1908.

World’s Fastest Underwater Swimmer

Check out Ryan Lochte go 50m underwater in under 25 seconds. Compiled from turner561ok.

Florida Swimmers Compete in World Games 2011

The Special Olympics World Games 2011 are starting in Greece in just 3 days! Good luck to all the athletes, but we're rooting for...


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