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Time Lapse Triathlon

Watch the Central Florida Tri in just 3 minutes!

The SwimmerJoe Show

Tonight SwimmerJoe talked shop with some up-and-coming swimmers and triathletes. He'll be live again next Wednesday at 8 pm so mark your calendars...

Watch Live – Robbie Ventura!

Triathletes, cyclists, athletes - all tuned in to hear tips from Robbie Ventura, world-class cyclist and former teammate of Lance Armstrong. Recorded at David's...

Watch Replay: 7th Annual Orlando Tri

The 7th Annual Orlando Tri at Baldwin Park. Swim Portion: Bike Portion: Run Portion: Awards: Part 1: Part 2: Part3: Interviews: Overall winner Eric Graveling: Third place finisher and last year's champion Eric Cristensen: 14...


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