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Watch Live – Robbie Ventura!

Triathletes, cyclists, athletes - all tuned in to hear tips from Robbie Ventura, world-class cyclist and former teammate of Lance Armstrong. Recorded at David's...

Watch Replay: 7th Annual Orlando Tri

The 7th Annual Orlando Tri at Baldwin Park. Swim Portion: Bike Portion: Run Portion: Awards: Part 1: Part 2: Part3: Interviews: Overall winner Eric Graveling: Third place finisher and last year's champion Eric Cristensen: 14...

Fran Crippen Open Water Mile

The Fran Crippen Open Water Mile and 10k Swim held recently in Fort Lauderdale allowed friends and fellow swimmers to honor the fallen swimmer....

Underwater Jogging

Very cool silent film that shows a new way to get a swim workout! Compiled from designboom.

Hurricane-Man 2.4 Rough Water Swim

A series of photos and video from the Hurrican-Man 2.4 open water swim by the St. Petersburg Aquatics masters. Compiled from mikem143.

SwimmerJoe is an Ironman

Congrats to SwimmerJoe who went a blazing speed in his first half Ironman! (70.3 miles) He finished the Rhoto Half Ironman at Disney in...


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