This is a public website maintained for the sole reason of promoting the sport of swimming in the state of Florida. We believe in recognizing the dedication of the swimmers, coaches, parents, volunteers, and officials who make the swimming world go round, so please keep these 5 Golden Rules in mind when posting:

1. Always strive for positivity when posting. This is not the platform to rant, discipline, or complain.

2. Give equal time to all swimmers, coaches, officials, and volunteers. If you are a parent, showcase somebody else’s kid before your own.

3. When posting pictures of minors, be sure you have a parent’s permission and consider using first names only. Never post a photo that might be embarrassing to anyone for any reason what-so-ever.

4. Reward positive attitudes, hard work, community service, and team spirit in addition to athletic accomplishments.

5. Always strive for truth and accuracy when posting. If you make a mistake (It happens; we’re human!), publicly acknowledge it and then fix it. And if in doubt, do not post it.

Any posts found to violate the spirit of these 5 Golden Rules will be immediately removed, and the poster might lose posting privileges.