Most swimmers can probably agree on numerous pet peeves they share. After all, if you know swimmers, you know that they like to complain a fair amount and most often don’t have a very positive look on things (unless they happen to be a very good mood). The following are just five of many pet peeves most swimmers can agree with and agree they should be stopped:

1. Touching your feet

You’re minding your business, swimming the set as best you can, when all of sudden you feel something or someone touch your foot. Who ever it is, won’t stop! For the rest of the time, you must deal with a pestering touch on your feet and even an occasional grab and an annoying teammate who would rather tough your foot then go in front of you.

2. Non-swimmers and their questions

You’ve got some friends at school, or outside of the pool, who barely even consider swimming a sport, let alone know it inside and out like you do. After a meet they try to be nice and ask “Did you win?” or “What’s that on your arm, are you cheating!?”. They simply just don’t understand you and the pain you endure everyday.

3. A hot pool

Especially in Florida, where most pools are outdoors and basking in the sun all day waiting for your arrival. Coach gives you sprints on top of sprints on top of even more sprints. And what’s worse? The pool is 85 degrees. Your basically sprinting your life away in a sauna with no relief for upwards of 2 hours.

4. Warm ups

At any meet, anywhere, warm up is sure to cause pain and suffering; especially during short course season. There are often more than 10 swimmers in a 25 yard pool at a time, all doing different things. Some are trying to sprint free while others are trying to kick on their backs. Butterfliers and breaststrokers sweep through the lane with their powerful arms and legs of destruction. The rest of the swimmers have to try their best to avoid getting painfully wacked.

5. People who miss months of practice and come back better than ever 

You show up every day, six days a week, for at least two hours a day. You work your butt off trying to drop one second at your next shave and taper meet. One day, a couple practices before the big competition, someone shows up you haven’t seen in months. You then think to yourself, “they are going to be in a world of pain by the end of today.” To your surprise, the exact opposite happens. It seems they could keep up with you and aren’t overly struggling to do so. Now this is rare, but it happens…And when it does, it’s so annoying!

By Cathleen Rabideau