When your suit is hanging up and your goggles are buried deep in your bag, what are your next thoughts after a championship season has come to an end. Here are three things to do after the season ends.

Go To Practice

It is important to keep going to practice once the season is over. You don’t want to go backwards regardless of how your championship meet went. Practices after the season is over may be boring and long, but they are building your base back up in order to have a fast summer season. If you want to make up foder to have a fast summer season. If you want to make up for a poor Spring meet or even want to continue the success that you just had, it is necessary to keep going to practice.

Set New Goals

Goals are what keep us going through long practices. After the season is over, it’s okay to take a short break to let your body to recover from all of the brutal winter workouts. But after that, you need to reset and come up with new goals for the Summer season. They don’t have to be time goals, but little things to focus on while you’re at practice. It could be as simple as don’t breathe off of a turn, or do an extra dolphin kick off every wall. These goals will help you stay in tune as you get back into shape.

Reflect on Your Season

Even if your championship meet didn’t go as you planned for it, it is still a good idea to look back at the season as a whole and see what you did well, as well as what you could have done better. This will help put some closure on the season and allow you to move on. So while you’re recovering and coming up with some new goals, take some time to sit back and look at how your season played out. Maybe you had amazing finishing speed, but had a tough time getting out in the front of the heat early on. This reflection period will help you come up with things to work on.

Written by Robert Walter Dickson IV