We’ve all been there. Time to dive into the pool to start the Warm Up. Unfortunately, you

positioned your water bottle and equipment to right side of the lane, meaning you’re going to have to jump in first. You’re tired, you’re cold, you’re not ready… then you hear it. Someone starts blasting pop music from the pool deck speakers. Whether you pull your cap on to Bruno Mars or strap on your goggles to Disclosure, the point is clear: the music just elevated your mood, and suddenly you’re motivated.
Diving in and grooving through the warm-up, you have lyrics in your head and a beat flowing in your ears. Having music playing by the pool is as important as eating before a workout: it feeds you energy and boasts your enthusiasm. So here is a list of the Top Ten Pop Songs to Play During Practice: (Safe for the Pool Deck!)

10.) “Don’t Stop Believin’” – Journey

9.) “Latch” – Disclosure ft. Sam Smith

8.) “Never Be Like You,” – Flume
7.) “Adventure of a Lifetime” – Coldplay

6.) “Bang Bang” – Ariana Grande
5.) Anything Bruno Mars (Seriously!)

4.) “Crazy In Love” – Beyonce
3.) “Sing” – Ed Sheeran
2.) “Started from the Bottom” – Drake

1.) “Stronger” – Kanye West