At the men’s NCAAs in 2013, Vlad Morozov broke the swimming community with a blistering 17.86 on the 200 free relay.

Today, 4 years later, Caeleb Dressel did the exact same thing. Caeleb can officially call himself the fastest man alive. It was never really up for discussion from a flat start with his American Record about a half of a second faster than Vlad ever was, but Dressel couldn’t get under that 18 barrier in his first 2 years swimming on relays for the Gators.

That was until last night, where he split a 17.90 and has the second fastest relay split of all time, finally getting under that elusive barrier. But still, it felt almost as though he was flirting with Vlad’s 17.86, getting out of the water with ease and not looking like it hurt him at all. So tonight, as we saw his teammate Enzo Martinez-Scarpe take the lead off position, we knew there was going to be something special in store as he got the green light to take it from the relay start. This 17.86 is only the beginning of fast splits for Dressel this championship season. Seeing as he is unshaved and probably nowhere near as rested as he will be for the National Championships. But either way tonight was a massive swim that sent a sonic boom into the swimming world as the rest of the conferences are getting ready for their championships.

One has to wonder what is going through another sprinters head as they see Caeleb Dressel rip through a talented SEC field as if it was nothing but a mere age group meet. Dressel has started this meet off with such an explosion he didn’t even let anyone get settled. Second night of the meet and he has already been under 18 twice… And so much more to come. Wait on it.