It is extremely notable that South Florida has had another triumphant short course season. The 2019 FGC Short Course Senior Championships only proved that every single team has worked tremendously hard to achieve their goals. The Championship meet was hosted by the South Florida Aquatic Club at the City of Pembroke Pines Academic Village Pool. There were 51 teams present, and 561 swimmers competing in this challenging competition, however, there is only one team that can take home the winning title.

The team that won the Championship was the one and only South Florida Aquatic Club, with a combined total of 3,287.50 points. They took home the gold at their home pool and kept the winning streak that their Age Group swimmers started when they won the 2019 FGC Short Course Junior Olympics Championships one week prior. The victorious team came out second in the Women’s Team scores, with a total of 1,624 points. East Coast Aquatic Club came in first with 1,990.50 points. Meanwhile, South Florida Aquatics’ Men’s team came in first in the Men’s Team Scores, with a total of 1,663.50 points. They were followed by Azura Florida Aquatics Men’s Team  with a total of 1,443 points.

South Florida Aquatics had a strong combined lead since the first day of the competition. They started of with 1,153 points on Friday, then ended up reaching a total of 2,132.50 points on Saturday. Azura (2,579.50), East Coast (2099.50), Gulliver Swim Club (1,974), and Saint Andrew’s Aquatics (1,371.50),  were 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th respectively in Team Combined Scores.

What do Anna Auld (East Coast, 15-16), Megan Murphy (East Coast, 15-16), Kyle Korvick (Gulliver, 15-16), Chade Nersicio (East Coast, Open), and Steven Aimable (Azura, Open) have in common? They all had the most Individual Points out of the entire competition. Here are the top three for every age group:

Women 15-16:

  1. Anna Auld – 182 Points
  2. Megan Murphy (East Coast) – 182 Points
  3. Ella Martinez (East Coast) – 167 Points

Women Open:

  1. Chade Nersicio – 191 Points
  2. Mary Smutny (South Florida Aquatics) – 170 Points
  3. Shauna Abair (East Coast) – 164 Points

Men 15-16:

  1. Kyle Korvick – 200 Points
  2. Joshua Hanks (Pine Crest) – 191 Points
  3. Joshua Balbi (Saint Andrew) – 174 Points

Men Open:

  1. Steven Aimable – 176 Points
  2. Daniel Seabaugh (River City Aquatics) – 166 Points
  3. Rafael Rodriguez (South Florida Aquatics) – 163 Points

Senior Championships was home to many victorious races and every single swimmer who was at the competition put in the work for their spot in this challenging meet. Congratulations to the teams and swimmers who competed. Thank you to South Florida Aquatic Club for hosting, and their Booster Club for putting together such an amazing event. Also, a special congratulations and thanks to every coach and official who enable competitions like these to be such a success.

“The harder the battle, the sweeter the victory.” – Les Brown

If you would like to see the results throughout the entire competition, click the following links:

By Sophia Bedoya