With Summer FLAGs (Florida Age Group Championships) starting this week at Potter Park in Sarasota, a few swimmers are going into this meet standing out. From sprinters to distance swimmers, breastrokers and butterfliers alike, numerous competitors are poised to dominate this championship season. We’ve identified five swimmers of each gender and age group (11&over) to watch this weekend – and while these swimmers are by no means the only ones ready to make an impact in Sarasota, these are competitors to keep an eye on.

*Note: the events listed are the events in which swimmers are seeded first or second in per the published psych sheet.

11-12 Girls:

  • Peyton Powell (12, Windermere Lakers) – 50/100BR
  • Addison Reese (12, Windermere Lakers) – 50/100/200FR, 50/100FL, 200IM
  • Addison Sauickie (12, Sarasota Sharks) – 200/400/800FR, 50BK
  • Gabryella Tong (12, Windermere Lakers) – 100FR
  • Gracie Weyant (12, Sarasota Sharks) – 50BK, 50/100BR, 200IM

11-12 Boys:

  • Nicholas Cecchi (12, Southwest Stars) – 100FR, 50/100FL, 50/100BK
  • Ryan Erisman (11, Daytona Beach Swimming) – 100FR, 100FL
  • Joao Lapagesse (12, Clearwater Aquatics) – 200/400/800FR, 200IM
  • Luca Simon (12, Sarasota Tsunami) – 50/200/400FR, 200IM
  • Jeffrey Wolfe (12, Tampa YMCA Swimming) – 50FL, 50/100BK

13-14 Girls:

  • Ella Bathurst (14, Greater Tampa Swim Association) – 50/100/200FR
  • Summer Cardwell (13, Unattached) – 400FR, 100/200FL, 200IM
  • Hayley Clark (14, Windermere Lakers) – 100/200BR
  • Michelle Morgan (13, Pipeline Swimming) – 400/800/1500FR, 200BK, 400IM
  • Sarah Stotler (14, Planet Swim Aquatics) – 400FR, 100/200FL, 200IM

13-14 Boys:

  • Logan Ingerick (14, Berkeley Barracudas) – 50/100/200FR, 100BK, 200IM
  • Amadeusz Knop (13, Sky Family YMCA) – 100FL, 100/200BK, 200IM
  • Charles Plaisted (14, Sky Family YMCA) – 800/1500FR, 200FL
  • Sage Sungail (14, Patriot Aquatics) – 100/200/400FR, 100FL
  • Nicky Tayag (14, Storm Swim Club) – 100/200BR

It is important to note that there are numerous swimmers beyond this list that will excel at FLAGs, and that have serious chances at coming out on top. Many events are so incredibly close that it is impossible to predict who will win, and so many more competitors further than those listed above should certainly be watched throughout the meet.

On behalf of Florida Swim Network, we wish the best of luck to all of those swimmers who will be competing in Sarasota this weekend. For those who have covered FLAGs and those who have competed in it, it is an incredible experience and an incredible atmosphere. We would especially like to wish the best of luck to those who will be competing at FLAGs for the first time, regardless of age, and to those 14-year-olds who will be competing in their last FLAGs this weekend. Both are truly unforgettable experiences.

Disclaimer: The author does personally know some of the swimmers listed; personal relationships had no effect in the creation of this list, which was determined by the psych sheet.

The author has requested to remain unnamed.