Another successful long course season at South Florida comes to an end, and there could not have been  better finale than that of Senior Championships, hosted by the Coral Springs Swim Club at the Michael Lohberg Pool of Champions.

42 teams participated in this competition, but in the end, only one team could come out on top.

Senior Champs Team Scores

Photo Courtesy: Cathy Silveira

The defending champion, Azura, was crowned the 2018 Senior Champion Team, ending the meet with 1,328 points. Azura beat out Pine Crest Swimming by a whopping 248 points. Although a competition such as Senior Champs is unpredictable, Azura had a great meet from start to finish. At the end of Day One, Azura came on top with 425.50 points. Later on the next day, they had 758 points, while Pine Crest had 635.

Overall, the competition was home to many successful races and every swimmer who was present worked for their spot in this competition. Congratulations to every team and swimmer who competed, as well as to every coach and official who made these competitions possible.

“The only time you should ever look back is too see how far you’ve came.” -Unknown

Written By Sophia Bedoya