Azura's Marcelo Acosta, Marco Guarente and Franco Lupoli swimming in Mesa this week - 2016 Arena Pro Series at Mesa Day 1 Recap
Azura’s Marcelo Acosta, Marco Guarente and Franco Lupoli swimming in Mesa this week

2016 Arena Pro Series at Mesa Day 1 Recap

Day 1 Results
Friday Prelims

April 14, 2016, Mesa, AZ–Day 1 of the 2016 Arena Pro Series at Mesa is the fourth stop of the Series and gave some of the greatest athletes on the planet another tune up before their Olympic Trials or gave them another chance to get the Olympic A Time Standards for their respective countries.

Tonight’s events had many Floridians throughout all the finals, including the C and D as well. Because of the way the meet is set up, the A and B finals all swim together and then after they are done, the C and D finish up.

On the first event of the night, the 200 Freestyle, St Pete’s Melanie Margalis swam from lane 1 and went 1:58.70, getting 4th over all in the A Final.  Stephanie Peacock, Cape Coral, was in the B Final and swam a decent 2:00.25. Vien Nguyen, who also trains in Florida and seems to be in every event, was in the C Final and went a 2:03.06. Another St Pete product, Megan Romano, was in the D Final and finished up with a 2:03.57.

On the men’s side, Former Florida Gator Olympians Conor Dwyer and Ryan Lochte swan in the A Final and cruised to a 1:46.61 and 1:48.85 respectively. Azura teammates Marcelo Acosta and Franco Lupoli swam in the D Final and went head to head for a 1:51.59 and 1:52.63.

The next event was the 100 Breaststroke and South Florida’s Alia Atkinson is normally in the mix of things at these Arena Pro meets, but two other Floridians also ended up in the A Final. Alia Atkinson raced to a second place, just behind Katie Meili with a 1:06.49 and the Melanie Margalis, pulling the 200 Freestyle / 100 Breaststroke double goes 1:07.97 and Former Gator Hilda Luthersdottir went a 1:07.86.  Rachael Bradford-Feldman, from Saint Andrew’s, was in the D Final and finished with a 1:13.16.

Jordy Groters, from Pine Crest and fresh off a great NCAA’s for Missouri swam in the B Final with a 1:03.80 and was Florida’s lone Breaststroke – thank you Jordy!

The 100 Butterfly for the ladies had 2012 Olympian Claire Donahue, SoFlo, who finished 4th with a 59.05 and Pine Crest’s, 1:00.73.

Lochte also swam the 100 butterfly and looked good in the B Final with a 53.60 and another former Gator Omar Pinzon flew to a 55.27 in the C Final. Lastly, Arkady Vyatchanin, who trains in Gainesville, went a 57.26 who normally swims the backstroke.

The final event of Day 1, the 400 Individual Medley, Vien Nguyen, swimming again in the A Final, went a 4:44.02 for  4th place, and Rachael Bradford-Feldman swam in the B Final to a 4:51.62.

The event will be continuing for 2 more days with tomorrow’s events, the 200 Butterfly, 50 Freestyle, 100 Backstroke, 200 Breaststroke, and 400 Freestyle.

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