Bolles assistant coach Mike Kuzma, of the late night group, decided to give his swimmers just a bit more and thus the 16k Challenge was issued for this morning’s practice. “Coach Kuzma wanted to give his group a little more and thought this would be a challenging (but fun!) way to get in some extra yardage,” said Bolles head coach Jon Sakovich.

So, Jon started joined the practice by posting: “Somewhere in all the steam are 18 brave souls that have accepted the 16k challenge. Just because!”

16k bolles challenge

He continued to post updates throughout the morning: “Snack break…..5k down!”

Snack break

“7.4k…..almost half way and still going strong!”

7k down

“12k down…..4 to go!” and then finally, “16k!!!! 18 brave souls did it! Congratulations to them all, they have earned a big nap today!”16k done!

Looks like the donuts were well earned, congrats guys!